SYMC ’11: Final Thoughts

What can I add to my daily SYMC posts?

What more can I say about the Simply Youth Ministry Conference? As I reflect on the conference, I’m convinced more than ever that it is so much more than a collection of speakers and workshops. There is much more to it. The DNA & heartbeat of Group and Simply Youth Ministry is bigger than just putting on a weekend conference.

The heartbeat is relationships centered around Jesus Christ and a love for youth ministry and youth workers.

Part of the DNA is providing innovation and in-depth learning for youth workers.

And what makes these things work best is the authenticity with which the companies & their employees handle themselves.

This was my second year at SYMC, but it felt more like my 15th time. There is no way I could have known all 3,000 people and had meaningful conversations with each one. But what did happen was that I felt like I was going to a family reunion and able to spend quality time with those I did know. I sat and talked with several youth workers for hours about ministry, family, and anything else we could think of. I shared meals with new friends and heard about their passion for ministry. There is simply no better feeling than being able to start a conversation with someone you’ve never met simply because you know you both share a passion for youth ministry. Sharing this bond with others is part of what makes a youth ministry conference such a kick-start for those times you feel low on energy and passion.

And it is these relationships and connections that turn the other 51 weeks into a richer collection  of conversations and support. When I have questions/concerns about ministry, some of the first people I turn to are those I have met through SYMC. And my ministry has improved because of their advice.

As you can see, the reason I went back to SYMC this year (and the reason I’ll go back next year) is that the conference is more than 5 day event.

  • SYMC is a spark plug for your ministry.
  • SYMC is a collection of listening ears.
  • SYMC is love and support
  • SYMC is genuine.
  • SYMC is “what you see is what you get.”
  • SYMC is a family.
  • SYMC is a set of shoulders to stand on.
  • SYMC is a safety net to prevent huge falls.
  • SYMC is a smiling face.
  • SYMC is a place to rest.
  • SYMC is a place to recharge.

What other reasons do you need to attend? Sure, there are plenty of information, statistics, technology, advice, and wisdom. It is virtually impossible to return home without at least one thing you want to implement into your ministry and I came back with some great ideas and a renewed passion to not become stagnant. But it is not for those things that I return, they are simply the bonuses.

Next year, SYMC is traveling to Louisville, KY. I hope to see you there!


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