SYMC ’11: Monday Edition

The Monday of the conference is always a little bittersweet. I’m sad to leave my ministry friends and the great environment, but I’m ready to see my family again.

The day started out with a peer panel on “leaving well without losing your heart.” I got to be on a panel with some great friends: Tim, Len, & Darren. We had a really good discussion. All of which reminded me (yet again) that there are some really hurting youth workers.

If you are feeling hurt in ministry, wondering if its time for you to leave, or being forced to leave – know that you are not alone.

The general session ended the conference by reminding us all that we are not alone. We are all threaded together in the larger story, thus none of us has to be alone or feel like we have to do anything by ourselves. And we were reminded that behind all of our “junk” and struggles is the one person who draws us all together – Jesus.

And so ended SYMC 2011.

But, I’m not convinced the conference is really over. You see, for me the conference is so much more than the programming of 4 days – its the relationships, connections, conversations, prayer support and friendships that cannot be measured or controlled by a schedule.

And these things will continue throughout the year until 2012 in Louisville, KY.

If we met at SYMC, or you are in youth ministry, I’d love to connect online (twitter, facebook, or this blog) to continue the ongoing conversation about ministry.



2 responses to “SYMC ’11: Monday Edition

  1. I had a great time connecting with you at SYMC, and I look forward to continuing our conversation throughout the year.

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