SYMC ’11:Friday

Friday was the official first day of the conference. And if the rest of the weekend is anything like today, its going to be a wonderfully fantastic conference. (This is my prediction and has been since October)

Today I got to watch more youth workers show up and register, hope to get to meet a small percentage of the few thousand who are here.

Friday highlights:

peer panels – I got to be on one peer panel (Ghosts of Leaders Past) and it was a great conversation about how to handle stuff that comes from past ministers. You could have to follow a “rock star” youth minister, a legacy of short-term ministers, an irresponsible minister, or “that’s what so-and-so did”. Each legacy you follow has a different impact on your ministry. What legacy did you follow? What legacy are you creating?

general session – The first general session was great. Doug Fields spoke about the many voices that we hear – voices that can be discouraging. He also talked about 4 things teenagers are looking for.

  1. Teenagers are looking for relationships
  2. Teenagers are looking to be amazed
  3. Teenagers are looking to do something radical
  4. Teenagers are looking for healing for their hurts

And Jesus is all about relationships. He is amazing. He is radical. He is empathy.

Two more things – a picture of an empty general session room and a picture of a general session room filled with youth workers šŸ™‚


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