Best of 2010: God’s faithfulness

In the past, I have come up with a few different posts on the “best of” the previous year. But this year, I can sum up the best part of 2010 in one post. Simply put, the best part of 2010 was….

The faithfulness of God.

What else can I say? For me personally, God took care of the needs of my family while I was without a full-time job. He has given us the opportunities to have some great people cross our paths, for which we are forever changed and thankful. He gave me a passion for youth ministry and sustained me through a period of struggle and doubt on that calling.

There were a lot of other great things that happened this year or things I would like to highlight, but they all pale in comparison to God’s faithfulness.

How did God show His faithfulness in your life this past year?



One response to “Best of 2010: God’s faithfulness

  1. I’ll give an “AMEN!” to that one brother!

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