different take on pew Bibles

I recently found a pew Bible at church with a sticker inside that reads:

Dear Friend,

These Pew Bibles were given in memory of *****. She loved to read the Word and it was precious to her. In this way you have access to scriptures that are shared during the services. Feel free to use it.

Because of her love of the scriptures, if you don’t have a Bible at home and would like this Bible – take it. It will do more good in your home than sitting in our pews. Read it with the same passion **** had and it is sure to change your life.

Despite the few capitalization issues, I really like the statement this sticker is making.

The one thing that really stuck out to me was that this Bible, given in memory of someone else, was available to be freely taken. Most items that are “in memory of” become sacred cows and cannot be moved, let alone taken from the church building.

What would happen if church leaders had this mentality about more things around the church building?

I really like the part that says the pew Bible will do more good at your home than sitting in our pews. Isn’t that the point of ministry – helping the people in the congregation make God and His Word part of their daily lives. It is not our goal to be the only source of spiritual growth each week, we should be the springboard to ongoing thought.

Shame on us when we want people to feel that a service on Sunday is sufficient for their spiritual growth.


One response to “different take on pew Bibles

  1. So true. Great example and great principle. I hope it catches on.

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