Book Review: Permission to Speak Freely by Anne Jackson

Permission to Speak Freely by Anne Jackson

Seldom is a book published that conveys the messiness of human life. Permission to Speak Freely is one such rarity. In this book, Jackson openly shares about her messy past and constant struggle to live a balanced life. She shares stories of her struggle to overcome addiction, to tell others of this addiction and what happened when she began to speak freely about these struggles. You will not find six easy steps to a better life, but you will find an authentic look at the darker side of life. The openness and transparency of her writing allows you to connect with the book on a level that leads to deep thought.

Throughout the book, you will find various pieces of art and confession. You will read what people answered when asked the question, “What is one thing you do not feel you can say in church?” These answers are both humbling and scary, because the church (body of believers, not a building) is supposed to be a safe place. Permission to Speak Freely can be a great starting place to get community, true community, going within a local congregation. Read this book and then determine how you can give someone you know the permission to speak freely.

**I reviewed this book as part of the BookSneeze review program**


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