Best of ’09: Blog Posts

The year 2009 A.D. is almost over. The past 12 months have brought with them many new things; some good, some bad, and some not worth mentioning. I would like to take some time and highlight some of my favorite parts of 2009. I will call this list the “best of ’09” – which simply means that, in my opinion, these are the best items in a certain category. I fully expect you to disagree with some of my choices or to be upset I did not add other items to the list. If you feel this way, please add your “best of ’09” ideas in the comments.

The fifth list will be blog posts. This will be a list of my favorite posts from this site, there are simply too many from other people to go into that list. These are the posts I liked the best, sparked discussion or simply got the most traffic. This list is in no particular order.

5 Ways to use the Super Bowl in Youth Ministry – I shared five ways to use the Super Bowl in your youth ministry. Maybe you could use these tips this year.

It’s Not About You – A reminder that your current situation may not be about you.

5 Things that would have been great April Fool’s Day jokes (had they not been real) – Just a fun list of products that would be funny if they were not actual products.

You Might be a Youth Worker if… – a startling revelation from a conversation with a student.

Finding Rest in the Summer – a few tips on how to find rest during the busy summer months.

An Open Letter to Youth Ministry Search Teams – I wrote this to the many search teams looking for a youth minister. I hope search teams read it and make needed adjustments.

Life, Death, & the Uncertainty of it All – A reflection on the shortness of life and what God promises to those who love him.

6 Saddest Verses in the Bible – a quick look at some sad verses in Scripture.

Youth Ministry Budgeting Series – a 5 part series with tips and thoughts on improving your youth ministry budget.

5 Year Youth Ministry Contract Series – some thoughts on what would happen if youth ministers signed a 5 year contract.

Other posts in this series:
Best of ’09 – Music
Best of ’09 – Youth Ministry Books
Best of ’09 – Non-Ministry Books
Best of ’09 – Websites
Best of ’09 – Blog posts
Best of ’09 – Web Apps
Best of ’09 – Ministry Moments
Best of ’09 – Random Favorites


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