Best of ’09: Websites

The year 2009 A.D. is almost over. The past 12 months have brought with them many new things; some good, some bad, and some not worth mentioning. I would like to take some time and highlight some of my favorite parts of 2009. I will call this list the “best of ’09” – which simply means that, in my opinion, these are the best items in a certain category. I fully expect you to disagree with some of my choices or to be upset I did not add other items to the list. If you feel this way, please add your “best of ’09” ideas in the comments.

The fourth list will be websites. These are the sites I used the most this past year. This list is in no particular order.

Facebook – Now, if I have to explain why I use this site then you must not be involved with youth ministry or on the internet very much. A great site to connect with students, old high school and college friends and family.

Google – I use a lot of online Google applications. My two most used are Docs and gmail. I have a Wave account (I’d love to connect if you are on wave, too), but its fairly new and still in Beta, so I do not get too much use out of it.

Pandora – Simply a great site for listening to music. For me, its a much better alternative to buying a bunch of CD’s or mp3’s.

Twitter – A simple way to stay in touch with friends (and like minded people) all over the world. If you can’t say it in 140 characters, then you don’t need to say it on Twitter.

Blogger – I use Blogger for my blog. I know there are other alternatives, especially WordPress, but I just have not moved to anything yet. Blogger has everything I need. And to be honest, it probably helps me keep the blog fairly simple.

Youth Ministry Websites
YMToday – A great site for finding a wide assortment of youth ministry material. The site is filled with articles, tips, games, and much more. If you are in youth ministry, you need to check this site out. (disclosure – I do have a few articles published on the site)

YMX – Again, this is a great site with an assortment of useful material. The best part of YMX is the forums. The best youth ministry forums out there. A great place to connect and talk about youth ministry (or anything else) with other youth ministry people.

YouthMinBlog – Hear from a wide spectrum of youth ministry voices on a single topic. Each week, the authors discuss a single topic from their own personal perspectives. I was a fan of the site before I became a contributing author, so I’m not saying its a good site because I have articles on it – I’m saying its a good site despite my stuff.

What websites did you use the most in 2009?

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