to quote someone else: Vernon Whaley (worship leader encouragement)

“For a moment here, allow me to address the worship leaders among you. Servants of God, stay faithful to your task. Sure, there are days when it seems you’re the only one on staff with a clear vision for how worship should be. The loneliness of the rehearsal room is almost too much to bear. While those under your leadership are getting ‘pats on the back,’ your own labor is seemingly ignored. And trying to find songs that meet the needs of everyone in your congregation? A waste of time, you’re convinced. The old-timers want songs from yesteryear’s hymnals; the younger set want their choruses, products of contemporary musicians, projected on the wall. While one group claps enthusiastically, another ‘claps’ their hands over their ears. It’s useless! your heart signs. But friend, it’s not. Remember, your worship is unto the Lord. After all, our worship here is just a rehearsal for our worship in eternity. Meanwhile, just remain faithful, and God will reward your efforts. He-not the church membership-is the righteous Judge. Meanwhile, look at every opportunity to promote God’s kingdom through worship as God’s opportunity. Lost men and women, boy and girls, grandparents, friends, and neighbors will be impacted by the worship-and faithfulness- that you demonstrate.”

Taken from Called to Worship by Vernon Whaley

May this be an encouragement for worship leaders. When you have a rough weekend, remember your efforts are not about pleasing people – but rather about pleasing God.

This paragraph can also serve as an encouragement for youth workers. Sometimes we feel the same sort of things and forget Who we ultimately are ministering to.

(pass this along to any and every worship leader you know, especially if you think they need some encouraging words)


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