Prayer helps – to help you focus

Prayer is pretty important to a Christian. It is the avenue through which a Christian can talk directly with God (the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe) and share true emotions with the one person who had to power to really change things.

Because prayer is so important, it can be overwhelming. Students struggle to pray. Adults struggle to pray. Youth workers struggle to teach teenagers ways to pray or encourage them to start, even just for a few minutes.

Below you will find 3 prayer helps. The first 2 are methods that can be used to help a student (or anyone for that matter) focus their prayer time. The 3rd help is about focusing your prayers, but learning to focus more on other people and less on yourself when you pray.

Praise – praise God for Who He is
Intercession – praying for other people
Needs – pray specifically for needs you know about
Confession – confessing your sins
Protection – asking God for protection for those who need it

Adoration – praising God for Who He is
Confession – confessing your sins
Thanksgiving – telling God “thank you” for His blessings
Supplication – asking for “stuff” on behalf of yourself and others

me & we vs. You & them
How do you pray? Do you spend your prayer time focused on yourself and those close to you? Or is your prayer time focused more on God and others?

What ideas/helps have you used in the past? What would you suggest and add to this list?


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