Learned from Twitter: week ending September 5, 2009

I took last week off from posting these updates, but this week’s edition is jam packed with great information and resources. Enjoy 🙂

1. snavenel (Len Evans) shared a link that youth ministers need to read – the newest Youth Leader Only from Interlinc.

Savy Youth Ministry: Work Smarter Not Harder http://bit.ly/11PX8N by @interlinc

2. Psych_USA (Psych) shared a great picture from an upcoming episode. Looks hilarious.

RT @psychwrites: http://twitpic.com/flb0c -From L to R: Jaleel White, Kenan Thompson, Dule Hill, Demord Dann. THIS EPISODE IS AMAZING.

3. gavoweb (Gavin Richardson) shared a link to an article on how to turn your blog ramblings into a published book. And one about putting your youth newsletter on Twitter.

Blog to Book-12 Keys to Posting for Publishing http://ff.im/-7jBhe

How to make a Twitter Youth Group Newsletter http://ff.im/-7suNF

4. saraeden (Sara Eden Williams) reminds us that some chances are worth taking in youth ministry. (Especially if you really want to go to the amusement park) 🙂

70% chance of rain but we’re still going to the amusement park. If I were I mom I’d probably say no. But I’m a youthworker and we’re crazy.

5. Writepop (Writepop) thinks we all should know these great opening lines from great novels. I must not pay attention to the first line, because I did not know many of them.

Great list! 100 of the best first lines from novels http://u.nu/78m43 #writing #books

And he wants to inform us that laptops have been “around” for a long time, since 1937?

Is this the first appearance of a laptop in fiction, all the way back in 1937? – http://u.nu/3am43 #scifi #comics

6. SYMConference (Simply Youth Ministry Conference) is getting relationally ready for the upcoming conference in Chicago. If you haven’t heard of this conference yet, you need to check it out.

lots of reconnection this week with a whole bunch of #symc volunteers who’ve become like family to us…I seriously love these people!

7. radarradio (Under the Radar) let us know about Amazon’s free download. It only lasts until tomorrow, so hurry!

Here’s link to the FREE DOWNLOAD (1 song your choice) on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/ktvssj

What did you learn from Twitter this week?


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