Trivia Wednesday #130: Proper firework-making clothing

answer #129 – 9 (E.T. – 44, Beverly Hills Cop – 28, Tootsie – 27, Top Gun – 27, Titanic – 26, Forrest Gump – 26, Crocodile Dundee – 26, Home Alone – 25, Dances with Wolves – 25) (How many movies have been in the top 10 for 25 or more weekends?)

question #130 – True or False: Fireworks makers wear only cotton clothing?


One response to “Trivia Wednesday #130: Proper firework-making clothing

  1. That answer is false False False.Cotton fibers generate static electricity. Static electricity will build up and discharge. So ask yourself. If you were around who knows how many pounds of explosives, would you wear cotton????

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