Learned from Twitter: 2 weeks ending April 25, 2009

Here is what I have learned from Twitter over the past 2 weeks…

1. shawnmichael (Shawn Michael Shoup) reminds us that youth ministry doesn’t stop when a student “gets saved.” There must be discipleship and teaching.
“8 salvations so far this Easter wknd w/ a brand new discipleship life group starting Tuesday 2 help them start on their spiritual journey!!

2. pastorbuhro (Bradley Buhro) shares a great moment in youth ministry. Is this the new “window flyer” form of advertising for your ministry?
“We tweet our sermon notes to teens every Tuesday. A couple of my teens went to the Verizon store & set the sample phones to recieve them.”

3. YS_Scoop (Youth Specialties) offers a few free tools for your youth ministry. You need to check them out.
“3 Free Productivity Tools for YM. Guest post from @joeldiaz & @joshcook83. http://eepurl.com/Wt7

4. CoffeeWithChris (Chris Szulwach) offers some advice to another youth worker, that I think we all can use. You might want to check out this game site.
“@saraeden just was you are looking for game sites? Is that right? I’ll add http://www.ylplaybook.com/ to the mix for ya!”

5. AdamLehman (Adam Lehman) is interested in starting a ym teaching pool. You might want to check it out.
“anyone want to form a youth ministry teaching pool? http://twurl.nl/iivzk2 #stumin”

6. snavenel (Len Evans) shares a link to a free book with some great insight. Take the time to check out the book and see if it can benefit your ministry.
“Youth Ministry Tribe-Free book- Paul Turner’s “The Cure For The Common Youth Ministry” @ http://thediscipleproject.net Great insight & FREE”

7. Drpoulette (Dennis Poulette) relaxed, something youth ministers need to do often. Might I recommend a hammock.
“Relaxing in the hammock swing on the back porch. It’s beautiful out tonight in Mexico city. Q”

What did you learn from Twitter this week?


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