Reflections on: Spring

I love Spring. It is supposed to mean that winter is over and warm weather is on its way. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Spring and here are those thoughts (in a somewhat orderly fashion).

Reflections on: Spring

  1. Baseball is upon us. Go Cubbies – this is the year.
  2. Only in Spring can it be 70 one day and 40, with snow, the next
  3. I really like the warmer weather.
  4. Spring means Easter is upon us.
  5. Spring signifies “new life”
  6. More time outside with the kids.
  7. It means the end to the current TV season.
  8. Unfortunately this does not apply to “reality TV”.
  9. While cleaning up around the house, you tend to find treasures you forgot you owned.
  10. Time to go shopping at yard sales. 🙂

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