Learned from Twitter: week ending Feb. 28, 2009

This week I learned a lot from Twitter. One of the things I learned, which I’ll share in this post, was that youth ministers are awesome people.

What follows are some tweets I caught this week and what I learned from them.

1.pattigibbons (Patti Gibbons) shared a link to a video about Twitter on Dateline.
“have you see this feature about @twitter on ABC? http://tinyurl.com/bqmga7

2.rvayp (Aaron Lee) mentioned free Quiznos subs.
“hey free Quiznos sub: http://www.millionsubs.com/…

3.pattigibbons linked to a post on her blog you should check out.
“The under 25 youth pastor http://tinyurl.com/bdbjqc

4.fess2us (Gerrard Fess) linked to a free ebook on leadership.
“Downloading FREE E-book on leadership http://tinyurl.com/c9t6jh

5. crazytsup (Troy Supple) asked me a question about ministry resources. And before I could even respond, he had gotten at least 3 answers from other youth workers, all within 15 minutes of his asking. This is why I love youth workers and why I think twitter can be a great resource to your ministry.

“@lilkup hey know of any teaching resources for teens sharing their faith that is really good?”

(7 min. later) YMTV (youth ministry TV) responds “RT @crazytsup @lilkup hey know of any teaching resources for teens sharing their faith that is really good?”
(10 min. later) drumdog00 (Justin Van Rheenen) replies with his thoughts. “@YMTV @crazytsup @lilkup Share Jesus Without Fear is a great resource.”
(12 min. later) pattigibbons offers another suggestion. “@crazytsup the 3Story materials are excellent life evangelism training. http://is.gd/kFMe”

6. nikomas (Nikomas) reminded me that being a Christian is not always comfy.
“I love God and my pillow. My pillow is more comfy though.”

7. marklee3d (Mark LeeThird Day guitarist) let us in on the fact that even professional musicians can do things last minute when it comes to a Sunday morning song service. He tweeted this at 8:05 Sunday morning.
“Mac texted me last night about playing in church with him this morning. Should be fun, if I can remember where all my gear is!”


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