Trivia Wednesday #92: Mickey Mouse’s nephews

answer #91 – Chicago, IL (Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, White Sox, Cubs) – New York City, NY* (Giants, Jets, Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Devils, Islanders) – San Francisco, CA* (49ers, Raiders, A’s, Giants, Warriors, Sharks)

question #92 – What are the names of Mickey Mouse’s two nephews?


4 responses to “Trivia Wednesday #92: Mickey Mouse’s nephews

  1. Question: Since you combined New Jersey with New York and Oakland with San Fran…can you also combine Anaheim with LA? In which case, you can add LA to your list (Ducks, Dodgers, Angels, Clippers, and Lakers) Chicago is actually the only true five sport town 🙂

  2. @jeremy I guess you can add LA. But it still gets an asterisk. Which just confirms what you said – Chicago is the only “real” 5 sports team. (I didn’t want to neglect those other “cities” by just leaving them off the list, you know since they are not as cool as Chicago) 🙂

  3. Wow, you go from sports to Disney? Come on lilkup!!!! Keep to the good stuff, SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS!!! (if you remember a certain sports chant from Homer Simposon)

  4. @scott its all about diversity 🙂 Because you asked, I’ll do a sports question again soon.

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