"Christian Alternatives" to Facebook & Myspace

Out of curiosity, I decided to google “Christian social networking” to see what I would find in the realm of Christian alternatives to myspace and facebook. I was quite surprised with what I found (2,250,000 pages) in just a few minutes.

A few were very simple. One looked a lot like Myspace (can you find it).

Here is what I found in less than 5 minutes, meaning there are probably a ton more out there:

holypal “The premier Christian social network”

mychurch “is the best way for a church to build an online community.”

Shoutlifeis a community / social networking website that offers free profiles with complete customization, unlimited photos, private/instant messaging, chat, blogging and more. Our goal is to provide a safe and clean, easy to use community environment with the features you love. At ShoutLife.com, you can connect with your friends as well as amazing music artists, authors, comedians, organizations and more.”

5loaves “We are an emerging Christian community of diverse people connecting with one another to build friendships, share resources, nurture our families, and strengthen the global church.”

christianspaces Everything (and I mean everything) on this page looks a lot like another social networking site I know of, but which one is it? Not sure what to think about this line from the front page, “101ChristianSpaces.com is a free Christian social networking site owned & run by genuine Christians!” Are other sites not run by genuine Christians?

mypraize – this is mostly a “Christian” music focused version of myspace

mygodlyplace “We are a new Christian MySpace Alternative website offering fun, games, quizzes, photos, photo rating, photo battles, groups, blogs, events, classifieds, polls, forums, IM, videos, music and just plain sharing our love for Jesus Christ as Christians. We are your Family Safe Alternative to MySpace/Hi5/Friendster/Etc. Signup now for FREE! Get your Free profile, edit it, add some photos, videos, music and be on your way to meeting new Christian Friends today!” But the part that made me chuckle was this next line “THE FIRST 10,000 TO SIGNUP ARE ENTERED TO WIN AN IPOD OR PS3…REGISTER NOW, IT’S FREE…GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS!!!”
They have merch you can buy, but not nearly as much as the last site – Xianz

myfaithconnectsis a fun place for Christians around the world to socialize and connect with each other. We offer a clean atmosphere for Christians of every denomination to express themselves, share their interests, and make new friends in the process.”

fellowshipbuilder: Cultivating Christian community

My favorite part of this site is all the merch you can buy. For instance you can buy a Framed Panel Print for $50 with Robbie D on it. Don’t want that, how about a throw pillow or teddy bear. And so much more…

So, what do you do with all of these (and the many more out there) alternatives?
Do we ignore them and not join?
Do we join them all?
Do we join if one of our students is on that site?

Do your students even know about these alternatives? I’d be curious to take a poll with students in our ministries and see how many of them know there are “Christian alternatives” to Facebook, Myspace, Bebo,….

What do you think about all of these sites? Is it too much? Is the church trying too hard to stay away from the world? Is it a good alternative to keeping our students safer?


23 responses to “"Christian Alternatives" to Facebook & Myspace

  1. Facebook and Orkut are two of the most popular social networking sites. Both of them offer very similar features and capabilities.If we compare Facebook vs. Orkut.com from a market share perspective then it will show you that both are considerably behind MySpace with Facebook owning just over 11.5% of the market share and Orkut having less than 1%. Facebook has become very popular in North America over the last few months whereas Orkut is extremely popular in India.Many people prefer Facebook to orkut as Facebook is a much more professional looking whereas Orkut looks somewhat unfinished,Facebook’s Mini Feed feature is useful in seeing a quick snapshot on the latest happenings within your network,the ease at which you can customize layouts within FaceBook, especially the drag and drop option,the ability to supply how you know a person (through school, other friends, work, randomly, etc). This is especially interesting when you and one your contacts know the same person, but through different ways. Creating profiles in such websites for my business hotels, budget hotels, holiday packages is happening good in Alexa traffic details.

  2. There is also a brand new site called ‘ChurchConnector’. It is focused around the church, rather than around just the individual. Churches first have to register, and then members of the church can sign up. Like I said, it’s brand new so there are only a few churches on it right now, but the security features, plus ground breaking features like ‘Prayer Notes’ and ‘Praises’ make it unique in the Christian Social Networking community. check out the site at http://www.churchconnector.com and take the tour to see what it’s all about.

  3. A good list…please also include FaithItUp.com in your list.I think that Christians do need to be involved in sites like MySpace and Facebook, but to be a witness. These sites do not offer much in the way of spiritual growth, encouragement from other Christians, Bible study, etc., so there is definitely a need for Christian social networking sites.My 2 cents…

  4. Christians especially need to know about Facebook’s policy to sell your info to third parties. That makes it rather dangerous in and of itself. Plus the ads these companies provide are often times exploitations and temptations to the Christian faith and our values. Get off of Facebook and find another social network to be involved with!

  5. @lee I don’t think social networking sites should be seen as a main source of encouragement or discipleship. They are networking sites, not Bible study sites. But I can say it is possible to have that positive influence on your sns, but it depends on you and your friends. And is it possible to be a witness on a site where you have to be accepted as a friend? Why would someone become a friend if they don’t know you?@ladybug I appreciate the knowledge you have of Facebook and their privacy policy. But I have to question your suggestion to find another site based on the ads, seeing that you have a myspace account. In my opinion, Myspace is much worse in their ads than Facebook is. (but that’s just my opinion)

  6. I actually just deactivated my facebook account a few days ago. I wrote a post about it on my blog: http://www.virtuouslivingrocks.blogspot.comIf you read it, you will find out that I am not suggesting that there is absoultely no fruit coming from christians on facebook. I personally found alot of christians on there lifting up a standard of holiness and being an example. My problem was not with ads or non-christians, but the way that people who called themselves christians portrayed themselves on their profiles and pictures! I kept stumling upon “christians” who were posting pictures and comments that were very ungodly. As a fairly new christian, this HURT my faith. I couldn’t believe it. I had to realize that everyone in the church is not serious about being obedient and holy. Eventually, I just had to deactivate my account. Some things are better left unknown! Christians were told to “Be in the world, but not of the world” That means we can’t seperate ourselves altogether from sinners. However, if its a situation that may cause you to stumble or hinder your faith and bear negative frit in your life, you have to let it go and find another alternative. “Save yourself from this untoward generation!”(Acts 2:40)

  7. @lh I read your post. I admire your ability to disconnect and close your facebook account (though most people would agree you don’t really “delete” the information from FB’s database). I am sorry to hear that you were being hurt in your Christian walk due to what you encountered on Facebook. I think what you encountered is very common for a lot of Christian, whether it be on a SNS or in a real live congregation. There are some (just how many I don’t know) people who like to say they are Christian, but do not want to live it out. This can be very damaging to a new Christian. I think one of the best ways to combat being affected negatively is to spend more time with God. When Jesus was spending all that time with sinners, He wasn’t influenced to be like them. He was in the world, not of it. He did this because of the time He spent alone with His Father.Hoping you see some positive fruit from your getting rid of your Facebook account.

  8. Faithlight.com is also another new Christian Facebook site. There’s really a lot of them everywhere now though and a lot of people are searching for Christian MySpace alternatives, that’s for sure!

  9. @anon I’m sure there are about 10 new sites that pop up each week. I think the thing you have to consider is whether or not the site is really a social networking site. The thing about facebook or myspace is that there are people on them. If you find a new “christian” site and none of your friends are on it, then you really aren’t networking. I would agree that there are a lot of people searching for alternatives.

  10. Wow I think one of the best Christian Facebooks would have to be Faithout.com All the other sites listed are good for Myspace type sites but none listed are even close to the look, feel and functionality of facebook. Anyways it’s just my opnion but if you’re looking for a good Facebook alternative for Christians I would bet on Faithout!

  11. the problem with those sites. is hardly anyone is on them! if you look at myspace and facebook. the Christnaty popualation is huge. however, with those Christan sites you point out. there is less then 100,000 shoutlife for an example is under 80,000 which is terrible. however, you want to find your Christan friend. Myhspace, Friendster, yousuckirule. those are sites well over 3mil!

  12. This is terrible; the reason why myspace and facebook is so populated with Christians is because we rather support this secular sites than these other Christians online Community. They don’t grow because many Christians follow men and not God. It also goes back to the offline world we rather go to a big churches with well known pastors than a small church filled with the Holly Spirit. Non saying big churches are not filled with the Spirit of God just saying we need to support small ministry in order for them to grow. I found this other Christian Social Network http:www.christianslounge.com it doesn’t have many member but it seems to have a great vision. Can we stop looking at the amount and start seeing the potential of the vision

  13. So far I’m mainly using the Christian Facebook faithlight.com which is a good alternative, feeds and all the usual stuff… quite a few sites these days.

  14. Hihi, God bless you all.Can you help me with this?I have a Facebook account but don’t have any friends or pictures on it.My friends have requested me (both close friends and old accquaintances), and I would like to be able to communicate with them.Should I accept them and get into Facebook, just keeping with my friends? Should I not at all?The reasons I didn’t go all out with Facebook are simple: I think the millions of pictures of yourself thing is vanity, which I already struggle against. Also, I fear getting “too addicted” to the site.But what are the reasons a Christian would not join? Would it be a good idea to join and not act in self-centered or vulgar ways, keeping contact with those people who do the same?

  15. @anon(last one). Sure are a lot of people commenting anonymously on this post. :)Its really a personal choice. I would say go for it and dive in to Facebook. Accept the friend requests and connect with people. You can be on FB and not be self-centered. And you do not have to post 100 pictures of yourself a week. Set up time limits if you are afraid of spending too much time online (there are online tools you can download that can actually block you from going on a site, like FB, during any time you specify)

  16. I think we will see over time Christian social networking sites start to merge and disband, a few will emerge as viable alternative. None are even close to Facebook or Myspace in size yet. I think the biggest has cracked 100K members. I personally like ChristianNation.com

  17. Hey everyone!I really feel for the person who said they are avoiding getting into facebook!It’s exactly what I'm going through, it’s like a personal struggle and I would say a big one especially since I just moved cities and I really wanna keep in touch with my friends! But u are absolutely right it is a definite vanity feeder, facebook allows everyone to have their little "star" websites were they only post good looking, cool pics of themselves that they want other ppl to see…but it also allows communication between good friends and relatives soo I think if I do give in to facebook I will be very careful about how I handle it…merely as a communication site & not to get carried away with my pics and self promotion.I think that it will be hard since I am vain, and we are all tempted to put our good side out there for all to see…however that is not the Christian way and so facebook needs to be handled with care.Nobody said the Christian way was easy though.We need to take up our cross and follow Christ by acting like Christians everywhere including Facebook, bars …etc.God bless,Hope and pray that he can help us all out on this dilemma!

  18. Orkut is a bit easier to use then Facebook…..I love orkut. But my friends are spending more time on face book. So Iv got no choice but to move.

  19. TO lilkup and the two anonymous posters talking about why Christians would avoid Facebook:I would be very hesitant to join something that I already felt was possibly dangerous to my spiritual life! God has given us power over evil and "greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world" However, God never intended us to deliberately place ourselves in places of possible danger.Paul states specifically a few times in the NT to "flee" tempations. Get away! It's not worth the risk! If you are sitting at your computer saying "I really hope I can hold out against all this temptation" than jumping in to Facebook and just trying to control yourself is not the best advice I could give you!! In fact, even a "Christian Facebook" might not be a good idea right now! Stregthen yourself in Christ first by getting yourself some REAL LIVE fellowship with people in your church. Seek out men or women of God, even if you don't know them, go meet them! Tell them why you want to know them and ask them how to grow strong against the wiles of the devil.God told Cain that sin was crouching at his door and desired to master him. But you can master it instead by running to Jesus and away from the temptation.I hope this helps!!!God Bless.

  20. Check out believer connect – allows users to post to facebook.

  21. You can check out http://www.truthsofgod.org , Its a Christian Facebook Allternative… Definitely allows you to create your own profile, post your status, interact with bible truths topics, send messages and create your own friend network.

  22. I don't show my own pic on Facebook too often, but for people to get to know you, it's nice they know what you look like. Not the sexy stuff though! 🙂

  23. Somebody needs to do their homework and check on the DEAD links. I'm pretty well convinced that there aren't any true dedicated Christian websites online. There are only a few people on the ones you do find and most of the sites just fade away. Makes it sort of look like nobody is truly committed to Christ. Sad indeed. I wanted so bad to delete my profile on Facebook. People are disagreeing with each other and saying curse words or posting ugly things and still saying they are Christian. That's not what I am searching for, and I'm sure many others feel the exact same way.

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