Reflections on: vacation

My reflections on vacation:

Craziest – Saw a moped rider yesterday. Not too uncommon, until you notice he is carrying crutches on his moped. Makes me wonder if the moped had anything to do with the crutches. Wish I could have gotten a picture – because just thinking about it makes me chuckle.

Unexpected Goodness – non scheduled family time is awesome!

Responsibility – is van shopping on vacation still vacation?

Good Times – friendships grow deeper as the two friends mature. Having a longtime (lifelong) friend makes reconnecting that much easier.

Close, but not close enough – almost got to eat at Chipotle. But they were not open yet, just taking applications. My first impression of the building was that of a used car dealership. Its just a big metal box. Maybe next time I get back “home” I’ll get to stop by and try it. (interesting sidenote, the new Chipotle is in the old location of one of my favorite seafood places – Long John Silver’s)

Take away thought – you’ve got to make every minute count or you’ll regret it afterward.

Non-negotiable – Spending some quality & quantity time with the family is much better than going to a fancy resort.


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