American Idol & the Robbie Seay Band

While I was watching the GA/HI game tonight I heard Rise from the Robbie Seay Band, but wasn’t sure where it was coming from. Maybe it was from my iMac in the other room. It wasn’t. It was coming from the TV. A commercial for the new season of American Idol uses the song. Pretty cool. Its my favorite song on the new CD & one of my least favorite TV shows 🙂

From the bands website:

21 Dec 2007
Friends. i know. i know. we’re having a hard time believing it as well. i mean i’ve spent many a night trying to dance like Justin Guarini & sing like Ruben Studdard – neither worked out too well, mind you – but never dreamed we’d be a part of the new season in some small way. The fine folks at American Idol are playing RISE on their new commercials promoting the upcoming season starting in January – and we’re thrilled about being a part of the ads! What? No my uncle does not work for Simon Cowell, why would you say that? anyway… seriously, you can see for your own eyes.. click on the link below: …AMERICAN IDOL & RSB COMMERCIAL… Be on the lookout for the spots, airing on FOX (of course) throughout the holidays. There’s even a moment when the band name and song title flash on the screen. crazy!


5 responses to “American Idol & the Robbie Seay Band

  1. Mike, thought you might enjoy this

  2. thanks. I’d vote for him.

  3. Yeah, liking RSB’s newest, got it for free via Relevant when it first came out. May very well be a reference CD for our worship team, they’ve got a great sound.

  4. i also got it from Relevant. Its by far my favorite CD right now. I like it better than their first one even.

  5. Hey Mike,I came across the post on the RS Band recently. Very cool.I have been spending time on the web recently looking for readers who stay current with the culture and also express their thoughts on following the teachings of Jesus by BLOG entries. I say this because I am a writer and would very much like to hear your feedback (as a reader) on the first chapter of a book I have nearly completed: MATHETES. If you are available and willing to share your comments, you can send me a note at Many thanks.Warm regards,Austin Bonds

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