Youth Worker Strike?

I was thinking this morning about the writer’s strike. It is greatly affecting the television season and is going to start affecting the movies.

Do you really think that writers are not writing? I tend to think they are still writing something. It may not be a specific script for a specific show. But I bet they are writing scripts of some sort. That is, unless they are not passionate about writing or don’t enjoy their job.

I think that most youth workers would have a hard time not working with youth. Even though I’m not a guru at this job, I still love working with youth. I’m constantly learning more about what that means on a daily basis. But I can tell you I would never be able to not be a youth worker if the youth worker union went on strike.

I would find ways to sneak around and minister to teens. I would learn to call it something else.

I think if a youth worker would be fine going on strike there is a problem. It should be a passion, a desire (a fire in your bones), a driving force.

Would you be able to ever be on strike?


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