Sesame Street DVD comes with a warning label

I saw this story over at ChurchRelevance today and just about shook my head off. Are they serious? Really? Our society sure has changed when a show like Sesame Street is not suitable for young children.

Why are they not suitable for young children? Because…

Well, in the parody ‘Monsterpiece Theater,’ Alistair Cookie — played by Cookie Monster — used to appear with a pipe, which he later gobbled. ‘That modeled the wrong behavior,’ explained a Sesame Street executive producer, adding that ‘we might not be able to create a character like Oscar [the Grouch] now.'”

If only MTV and other channels would feel this way about their current programming.

Culture has changed. The students we work with grew up in a different world than we did. The students we will work with over the next X years have grown up in a different world, too.

How are you changing the way you minister to them? Or are you?

Excuse me, I feel an urge to go gobble up a pipe and be extra grouchy.


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