to finish or not to finish…

Have you ever wanted to put a book down and stop reading it because it just wasn’t that good? Have you ever felt guilty for doing such a thing? I have.

Have no fear, Michael Hyatt – President & CEO of Thomas Nelson publishers writes about doing just that. In a post on shaving 10 hours from your work week, he mentions stopping a bad book at the point you are no longer interested in it.

He offers other ideas for shaving work time, go take a look for yourself. Personally, I’ve noticed a huge difference once I started spending less time online. (one of his tips to saving time in your work week)

I’ve also tried to start being more organized with my workday. Things like, when I do what task and how long I will give myself to complete it. Trying to only do writing during certain times of the day, planning during other times of the day, etc… This structure has also helped me stay more focused and on task – thus accomplishing more in the office and allowing for more time out of the office with students and parents.

What do you do in order to be more efficient and effective in the office?

(gracias a Tony)


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