ICTC Highlights

Highlights from ICTC ‘07

1.Relient K sings a song about The Office – awesome

2.Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) sings in the crowd. Then later does an acoustic set in the hotel lobby

3.During the first message, Jayson is talking about games we play to pass the time during a sermon; games like the dot game or counting ceiling tiles. While he is talking about these games, one of the “orange coat security” volunteers is looking at a yearbook and not paying attention at all.
4.Put a “honk for Jesus” sign in the van and counted the cars that honked. Its all fun until I (the driver) forget that there is the sign and start wondering why everyone is honking at me.
5.Jayson holds back on something he wants to say. Appreciated the self-restraint and willingness to not just “shock” the audience.
6.The Pizza Machine

7.“Whatever we begin to tolerate, we begin to accept.”
8.Invisible Children – what a chance to help others.
9.The group we took desired to do something and not just stop at “that is so sad, somebody should help them.” Not only did they support IC by buying some bracelets, but they have now started a Schools for Schools program at the local high school. Awesome!
10.Getting to hang out with students.


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