NYWC: St Louis Day 5

Today was a long day at the convention. I got to have a lot of great conversations with people in the bookstore. I got to take a short nap during the general session (always a nice treat). Here are some “highlights”

1. Lynne Hybels read her new book – which was a powerful story. I talked to many women who were really touched by her message.
2. Spoke to a lady who is working with the jr. highers and is trying to train other adults who want to help, but don’t have the training. She was really excited about what they are doing.
3. Talked with a guy doing outreach ministry with students. They have more visitors each week and he was looking for some curriculum to use. He said the students are staring to bring their siblings to the church, too.
4. Talked with one guy who was telling me about an adult class he teaches where they are really becoming a great group. One of the adults bought an mp3 player and the Bible on mp3 so that one lady, who can’t read, could hear the Bible. Very encouraging.
5. semiquote from Doug’s message tonight…”envy forces you to create an enemy out of someone who shouldn’t be your enemy.” Being envious is not good, don’t do it 🙂

More tommorrow, this sure is getting good.


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