NYWC: St Louis Day 3.1

This morning, we prayed for everyone coming and all the different areas.

Had a couple good conversations with youthworkers last night. Talked to one lady who just started her position and is trying to change the mindset of her teens. She has some great ideas and passion. I pray she has the patience to make the changes and trust God.

Talked to another guy who just hired an associate to help with his growing group. He said he was tired and “spent”, but is excited about the ability to share responsibilities. It is exciting to hear him talk about being where he is at and hearing the places he has come from over the last few years. To hear how God has blessed his ministry and the youth is a great reminder of God’s care for each one of us.

Another youth worker is starting as the interim youth pastor at his church. He doesn’t know how long he will be in the position, but even when he is done he’ll still be in the church and connected with the teens.

Three youth workers. Three lives. Three stories. All connected together in God’s story.


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