Simple phone calls to students

Yesterday, I was making some phone calls to students and was reminded of something simple. A phone call can do a lot.

What holds youth ministers back from calling a student on the phone? I think there are a few questions that sum it up.

When will I catch them at home?
What do I say?
Why do I have to call _______, I barely even know them?

Here are 10 thoughts on talking to students on the phone.

1. Good phone calls do not have to be long.
2. Talk about what you know is going on in their life (sports, family, job…).
3. Ask a few simple questions (how was the test, how is practice, are you ready for ____, is your _______ feeling better).
4. Listen for verbal cues to what is going on in their life.
5. Be ready, some students can be a lot more open than you might be ready for.
6. Stop talking long enough to let the student talk.
7. If necessary, make sure you follow up with them personally.
8. Talk about things they are interested in.
9. Take the time to encourage them.
10. Talking with students on the phone should encourage you.

Pick up the phone this week and call a few students.

How do you connect with students using phone calls?


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