Good Idea, Bad Idea: Message & Vocal Effects

Good Idea: Wanting to do something funny (which was suggested by a few of the students you have just met) at the beginning of the first message you’ll give in the community after starting a new ministry.

Bad Idea: Listening to the students who think it will be funny to put the vocal effects pedal on “chipmunk” when you get up to speak.

When I spoke into the mic and I sounded like a chipmunk no one laughed. Well, out of 400 students and adults about 5 people chuckled. And I think some of them were out of pity for me. What makes it even better is that once I did switch mics it didn’t help. I was being picked up through the original mic, so out of my 10 minute message I was fighting with the sound for over 1/2 the time.

The students still bring it up, though, which makes it a great memory. We laugh about it now, because it is hilarious. But then it was just awkward.


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