Discussion Starter or Sign of the Times: Mr. Deity

I just found out about Mr. Deity recently through one of my professor’s blogs. Here is what he had to say. Take a look at his thoughts.

Allow me to say these things about Mr. Deity:

1. It is not written from or meant to be a “Christian” video
2. There is a little language in a couple of the clips (see #1)
3. It does bring up many questions about Christianity – though no answers are given
4. It “proves” that Lucifer is a woman and her name is Lucy
5. It has the potential to (and probably will) offend a good number of Christians who would see it
6. Mr Deity and Lucy have a relationship (which is very anti-biblical)

I used episode 2 (Mr Deity and the Really Big Favor) to start a class on “What we believe about Jesus Christ.” The clip brings up many points about the relationship between Jesus and God. And Jesus’ role in salvation.

Here is episode 2 – Mr Deity and the Really Big Favor…

What do you think? discussion starter or sign of the times?


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