Post #500 – a look back

Welcome to the Festivities 🙂

Fun Facts about this blog:
1st Post – May 26, 2005
2nd Post – June 24, 2005 (wow, one month for 2 posts)
3rd Post – July 25, 2005 (my last big trip with old youth ministry) (another month, no wonder no one ever started reading)
This was originally supposed to be a blog for my former ministry – but it never worked out (what with the whole firing thing). So, now it is my personal blog.

Some of the most popular pages:
5 things youth ministers don’t want you to know
The Office: Season 4 premiere For a while I was the first entry when you went to yahoo and searched for “office season 4”
10 Minute email
This one gets found with searching for “10 minute porn” – so I’m not sure what people expect to find.
Dakota Fanning Rape Scene
I posted this a long time ago, but its starting to get a lot of hits because of the movie coming out soon.
5 Ways to Survive Summer

YM Thought: Your relationship with Jesus

5 Things I Learned at the YM Summit
Why Ministers Go to Church – some good thoughts in the comments section
Is your ministry like Wal-Mart – I just “love” wallyworld

Posts I love, that most people have never read (written before people other than friends read this blog)
The Lighthouse Effect
Raising Lazarus & My Life

Yesterday was the day (announcing to congregation we were leaving) – this is always an emotional thing to think about for me
Final Sunday & My final day in the office two posts about my last two days of last ministry
Ramen Noodles & God – even reading this post makes me cry to remember how much God provided for us while I was out of the ministry
Do you ever feel like its enough?
DxVxF>R – something to think about
Depending on God
God vs. God’s gifts – I always need this reminder


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