Fall Kickoff ends in shaved head

Tonight is the first official meeting of the fall for our ministry (the younger kids took the summer off completely and are starting back tonight).

Tonight we are going to be watching the recap video from our kickoff, two weeks ago. Which was about 1 1/2 hours of footage. I got it down to about 22 minutes of video. I thought that was pretty good. But today in SS, when I mentioned it just about everyone was upset that they couldn’t just watch all 80some minutes. 🙂

(Thankfully, I was already planning on putting all the raw footage onto a dvd. Now I am going to be making extra DVD’s to give out to students.)

Anyway, the biggest thing tonight, is going to be the “prizes” some of the teams get for the scavenger hunt.

We had 5 levels of prizes:
1 – eat dinner during kickoff
2 – get dessert
3 – put a pie in an adult’s face
4 – shave an adult’s head
5 – 1/2 off the cost of any youth trip/event (no one made this level)

So, after tonight I will be bald. I’ve never had my hair that short, so we’ll see. There are a couple other youth coaches who are willing to get their head shaved – so there is a chance.


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