The Wuzzles – 13 episode cartoon from the 80’s

The Wuzzles

I had never even seen The Wuzzles when I was growing up. But Amy (my wife) has a thermos she kept from when she was a kid. The other day, I decided to use it to take a drink to work. I was intrigued. So I did some investigating online. The Wuzzles is a show about these animals who are a combination of two animals. In fact the whole “land of Wuz” is a combination of two things. For instance, they have flants, which are a combination of ants and flies.

I’d love to find an entire episode online, but I’ve only found snippets. Here is one. Enjoy.

Did you ever watch the Wuzzles? What cartoon did you like growing up?


3 responses to “The Wuzzles – 13 episode cartoon from the 80’s

  1. I really resonate with the Wuzzles, being half Canadian. After all, I am two times the fun, wrapped up and rolled up in one.

  2. Ah, you are def. more fun than a single person :)I forgot my favorite line from the theme song – “Living with a split personality” 🙂 hehe

  3. You got your wish! First full episode: can go to and buy the all of the episodes on a ripped DVD too.

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