Household Tip: Getting Your Laundry Done Quickly

Maybe you have a pair of jeans or a shirt you really like to wear, but you can’t wear it as much as you want. Every time you want to wear it, its in the laundry. What are you to do? Here is what I do when I don’t want to wait a long time…

Put the clothes you want to get back quickly in the laundry room. Preferably the best place is on top of the washer. What I have learned is that the laundry that is on the washer gets done in the next load – regardless of what else is getting washed. It may take a week for my laundry to get washed, but the boys’ laundry might get done tomorrow. So, if I put a favorite shirt in the laundry room then it gets washed with the boys’ laundry and I’m free to enjoy wearing it again sooner.

Now this may not work if you live alone. 🙂

Even if you don’t have children, it can work for you (sheets and towels can always use filler).

Try it and see if it works in your house. If so, “you are welcome”


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