Scavenger Hunt: jr. high vs. high school

Yesterday, for our kickoff we split up the jr. high (7/8) and the high school (9-12) for the games and scavenger hunt. The high school did the hunt first, while the jr. high played the games. Then we switched.

Afterward while talking to some of the youth coaches I was told about a big difference most of them noticed. The high school was more into it then the jr. high. There were some jr. highers (mostly girls) who didn’t want to participate in certain things because they were scared a friend would see them and would make fun of them at school.

I was really caught off guard by this conclusion. I thought the jr. highers would be more willing to “be silly” than the high schoolers – but I was wrong. I haven’t watched much of the video or seen many of the pictures yet, so we’ll see. But I have a feeling it could have just been the few girls who were a little “too good” to participate.

Have you noticed this difference between jh & hs? Is it normally the high school who are more willing to “be silly” and embarrass themselves?


2 responses to “Scavenger Hunt: jr. high vs. high school

  1. I’ve always found it the other way around too. But of course, every group is different. It sounds like you might of had some influencers not wanting to participate and it spread like wildfire. It happens.

  2. After watching most of the videos – I do have to say there are some great moments (from both hs and jh). So yeah, I don’t think it ruined the event, but it has made us look at how we do scavenger hunts in the future.

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