i-caught & your ministry

I was able to watch the first i-caught Tuesday night on ABC. Basically it was an hour long show about viral videos. They took some of the most popular videos on YouTube or Myspace and talked to the people in the video or the people who captured it. The crazy part for me was that I hadn’t seen most of the videos (even though some of them had gotten 3 million hits).

Here is what I got from what I saw… it worked. They took stuff that people have watched (viral videos) and put them on TV. But they didn’t just show an hour of “3 minute videos” – they took it further and got the story behind the video. They got me to watch.

So, I was thinking about how that would connect with youth ministry. No, I don’t think you need to use viral videos each week at youth group. But what drew me in was the stories that went behind the videos. There are many stories that can be told.

When you see a student’s life changed and it is noticeable, try to get a way to share that student’s story with the group.

Make a short interview video.
Do a live interview.

Remember people are drawn in to a story. People want to know the “behind the scenes” information. So get the stories heard!

How do you get stories heard? What impact has a testimony had on your group?


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