Spiritual Peripheral Vision

Peripheral vision is something we usually do not notice. Some people take it for granted. Other people, like myself, who wear glasses do not see it clearly. But what happens when we lose it?

Tunnel Vision.

I hate tunnel vision. I do not like to wear a hoodie with the hood up, even if its cold, because I do not like the inability to see around me. Having the ability to see the edges (even if they are blurry) is extremely important to me.

What about my spiritual peripheral vision, though? Do I notice it? Most of the time we get so focused on what is straight ahead of us, we fail to see there are edges we can see. We think we know exactly what it is that God wants us to do – the exact direction He is leading. But if we fail to use our peripheral vision, we might miss out on a great opportunity. An opportunity that is just to the side of the direction we are going.

I think we don’t even care. Most Christians have never used their spiritual peripheral vision and have no desire to start.

In ministry, do we do the same thing? Do you get so focused on where you “know” God is leading the ministry that you neglect the edges? Is it possible there is something just to the left or right (outside your direct view) that is better than where you are going? Maybe you need to be watching for obstacles or danger to come from the edges.


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