County Fair: Day Two

What a day it was!

Let me just say that I got to interact/talk with a lot of students and adults. It was a good day to connect with some students, their parents and meet a few new people around town. The day started with the hog show. Nothing like watching hogs walk around a pen. After the hog show (which took over 3 hours) it was home for lunch. Then back for the goat show. Let’s just say the goat show is not nearly as full as the hog show. I got a surprise dessert while I waited for the goat show. After the goat show it was home to spend some time with the family and my sister who was visiting. Then after the boys were up, it was back to the fair for some more fun.

The evening was rather full. We watched harness racing and ate dinner. After a few races it was off to the carnival for Kim (my sister) & Wes (my youngest), I went to listen to a few teens sing and play in the exhibition hall, and Nathan (oldest) and Amy went back to harness racing. After about an hour of that it was time for the funnel cake – which Nathan had been asking about all day long. So funnel cake and more harness racing. Then about 8:30 it was time to go home. We got to see a few teens from camp, so that was cool – esp. because they were excited about seeing us.

Let me finish by just saying that the fair food (probably too much funnel cake) made me sick. 🙂 But I feel much better today.


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