to quote someone else: Duffy Robbins (youth discipleship)

“Perhaps we spend too much time preparing and urging our youth for the big, giant step choices, when we should spend more time rejoicing in the baby steps that are taken.”

“Virtually every biblical metaphor of Christian growth alludes to a long-term process.”

taken from The Ministry of Nurture by Duffy Robbins

How many times have I gotten frustrated with myself and the students because they aren’t making big steps like I want. I forget the goal is not quick behavior modification, but long-term maturity.

Today, look at the steps your students are taking. Rejoice with them as they journey down the path of maturity. Encourage them to keep stepping.

What “highlights” do you have to look back on? What are some of the smallest steps a student has taken, but that step was huge in their growth and maturity?


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