Smallest Churches in the World

I’ve been in a small church before, but never this small. Roadsideamerica has come up with a list of the world’s smallest churches (er, the smallest church buildings).

This is a picture of my favorite. Here is the description:

Oneida, New York: We think it just might be the One. Cross Island Chapel, “The World’s Smallest Church,” sits on a wooden platform in the center of a pond. A billboard near the road details everything you need to know: “Built in 1989. Floor area 51 inches by 81 inches (28.68 square feet). Seats two people. Non-denominational. Dedicated as a witness to God.” Years ago we read a newspaper account of a wedding held at Cross Island Chapel, with only room to accommodate the minister, bride and groom. The rest of the wedding party anchored nearby in small boats. Guests on shore imagined how the vows went.

It’s open to the public on request, and accessible only by boat.

And you thought your last church had a bad location or was hard to get to.


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