iPhone mania: 5 ways to avoid it

I’m thinking about keeping my iPhone overload to a minimum today. How can I do that you ask? Here are my ideas…

1. I won’t watch TV (I’ve only watched 5 minutes of TV today and already heard/seen it on 2 morning shows)

2. I won’t visit internet news pages (I’m willing to bet all the “tech” stories will be iPhone related – not to mention all of my RSS feeds that will be iPhone related.)

3. I won’t visit the Apple store (for obvious reasons). Okay so that will be super easy for me, I think the nearest one is at least 2 hours away.

4. I will limit the amount of radio I listen to. Everyone will want to talk about the iPhone – so cds will be my choice in the car today.

5. I definitely will not be visiting Apple.com today.

or, if you can’t get enough of the iPhone and want to “waste” your entire day doing no work, might I suggest you do everything you can to soak in what is “iPhone mania.”


3 responses to “iPhone mania: 5 ways to avoid it

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head there. It’s not safe, and it makes us feel uncomfortable to be around those with different values and beliefs than ourselves. The words of GK Chesterton ring true here- “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried”

  2. by the way, my method of avoiding the iphone is simply looking at the pricetag… That’s all I need!

  3. its interesting that there is a connection b/w your post on “being a Christian” and this post on the iPhone. Both will be avoided because of the price tag attached. But for those who are willing to pay the cost connected – there will be a benefit received. (not that I think the iPhone is going to be equal to following Christ – I just like the comparison)

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