ArkAlmighty: update

Well, its been long enough to get things going with ArkAlmighty. There is just one problem, no one is signing up.

Recap of what we’ve done:
1. Banner is up.
2. Info in our bulletin and newsletter. (weekly)
3. Bulletin inserts have been used.
4. Forms available for people without internet access.
5. Talked to local “community help” center to see if they had any needs we could try to help take care of.
6. Mentioned from “stage” just about every week.
7. Senior Pastor wore the t-shirt, with sports coat, one Sunday, as a walking billboard. (should have gotten a picture)

This Sunday, we are
-showing the promo clip (available with the ArkKit).
-putting the Evan Standee in the foyer (picture coming)

I know people are going to the site, because they are telling me they are. But no one is posting anything. I’m trying to encourage people to understand that if they don’t post, it won’t be successful. I’ve even made that point in the newsletter. I’m hoping (in vain?) that showing the promo clip will help people see that there is more to ArkAlmighty than the “typical” needs.

The staff/leadership is on board, so I’m sure we’ll get it going. Just waiting for that “tipping point” to happen.


One response to “ArkAlmighty: update

  1. No kidding! I was incredibly impressed!

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