Walking your DVD

The other day I was headed to the store with Nathan. Its only a three minute drive from the house to the store, so not much usually happens. That night was different. IT was nice outside, so there were a lot of people out walking and working in their yards. So it wasn’t a surprise to see people out enjoying the nice weather. But what was surprising was watching a girl taking a walk with her mom and little brother. The girl was probably 11 or 12. I’m not sure if she wanted to take the walk, because she was carrying a portable DVD player watching a movie. Yep, now I’ve seen it all!

In high school, I thought it was weird when I saw a lady on a walk smoking. Now, I’ve seen a girl watching a movie while getting exercise.

Wow. (this is the type of studend I’m supposed to be ministering to. The one who won’t even enjoy a walk without being connected to technology.)


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