ArkAlmighty: video promo & update

So, I’ve talked to people who have actually been to our site. BUT haven’t posted a need or a skill. We’ve put forms at the welcome center for people to use if they don’t have internet access. It seems like people are getting to know about AA, but not becoming a part of it yet.

So this Sunday we are showing the DVD clip (sent in the ArkKit) that explains the program. I’m hoping this will help people understand what AA is all about and realize they do have a need or skill that needs to be posted.

I ran into a little disappointment last week after talking to a few people about helping us out. There are a few people who feel having something like ArkAlmighty on the internet is an informal way to help fill people’s needs. But, I’ve talked with other people who think it is a great idea, they just haven’t put anything on the site yet.

I spoke with the missions chair about working with the missions team on our Evan Free Days. Part of me thinks that once we do our first Evan Fee Day, it will kickstart the rest of the program (well, I’m hoping that at least).


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