ArkAlmighty: ArkKit

I’ve posted about the ArkKit before, but I wanted to post some pictures and give you an idea of what you get. First off, isn’t that just great packaging?

What you get:
150 Door Hangers
200 Impact Mailers (w/ARK ideas)
200 Bulletin Inserts
1 Banner (See it here)
ArkAlmighty Instruction Manual
Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren

Instructional DVD
4-week curriculum from YS
4 T-Shirts
4 Hats (I personal would have loved a visor instead)
20 mini buttons


2 responses to “ArkAlmighty: ArkKit

  1. I got one of those too! Wasn’t than an amazing amount of stuff?

  2. Its more than I expected. The banner was a huge plus for our church. All the good quality stuff sure helps to let people in the congregation know ArkAlmighty is more than just a quick thought.

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