youth room, working with what we have

This past week I finally took the time to clean out our high school classroom (way overdue). A few things about the room. It is too small for our class. We have no other options to move to another class. We are in the process of a building expansion, which will give us a new classroom (but that is months away). The room was never intended to be a classroom, it is the “choir” room behind the stage in the sanctuary. The first door on the right goes outside (pic 1). The far door on the left goes to the children’s minister’s office (pic 2). The other door on that wall goes to the underneath of the baptismal (pic 2 & 3).

Sunday, just about every student mentioned the room was clean or moved or different. It seemed to help with the feel of class. Though not having enough space still hampers that feel (and much growth). We don’t have any more room to put seats up. I’ve been trying to figure some idea out. What to do until we move rooms is a big issue for the class. The location and size do not lend themselves to doing much besides discussion oriented classes. When its warm outside we can go outside in the grass or walk around to another part of the building (but you can’t do that every week).

It’s been tough to teach in the room without using the same format each week. I’ve tried a few times to do something different; like break up into groups or have some “active” participation. But these attempts are not always good due to the room restrictions.

Any good ideas/thoughts on how to better use our room? We’ve been having 20-25 HS teens in there ever week on average.


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