the weight of the future

I’ve been struck lately with the thought of what my son(s) will become. I have the ability, as their dad, to help shape them into the men they will be. That seems rather heavy to me. I mean, how can I shape them into who they will become when I’m not even completely who I want to be? I am the first example of what a man is supposed to be, aren’t I?

I feel pretty good about the example of a godly woman they are watching (my wife).

My ongoing prayer, for them, is that they will see God in my actions. They will see how a man is meant to treat his wife. They will see a passion and desire for God in our home and will know they are okay to wrestle with their beliefs.

What do they see in me? What is Nathan learning from how I spend time with him? What characteristics will Wes learn from me? I am being reminded that time with Nathan and Wes is way more important than time reading a book or time writing on this blog.


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