Pumping Gas

On Saturday a few of the high schoolers (and a couple adults) were at a local gas station (one of our two :)) to pump gas for people. Things were working out well. It was supposed to be really cold here which is great for something like this. Well, apparently, it was too cold for people to get out and get gas. We were there for two hours and I would say we didn’t have many more than 30 cars get gas.

But what was even funnier was that over 1/2 the people we asked (mostly men) to pump their gas for them just said no. Or (and this is even funnier to me) they said yes and then stood outside the car talking to you as you pumped their gas. 🙂 Our whole purpose was to pump gas so people would not have to get out of their cars. Oh well.

It turned out to be a good afternoon, even though it didn’t go exactly as planned. It was really cold and we tried to rotate people to be outside. But at one point two of the senior girls decided to go play in the snow. Note that one of them didn’t have gloves.


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