The Office – the sign

Yesterday something fun happened. If you are just tuning in to this blog, you may not know that I am a fan of “The Office.” (US version) Since the show came out I’ve been looking for one of those signs they use for the title of the show. I’ve looked in office catalogs, many office stores and have never found one. Until yesterday, we were at a local “multipurpose” store. It was our first time in the store, just to look around and see what they had. They have dog supplies, horse supplies, some farm equipment, typical hardware stuff, some books, toys, clothes, appliances and some other odds and ends. Well, we walked past the section with the for sale signs, house numbers, etc. And I started to say “how funny would it be that I’d find my sign here.” Right when I finished the sentence, there it was. 🙂

Now I just have to find a good spot in my office to put it. Is it sad that I’ve looked for a sign like this for this long?


2 responses to “The Office – the sign

  1. for less than $3 you too can have one from a small town in southern IL. :)I just wish I could figure out how to write “the” on it, so it looks exactly like the one on the show.

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